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Confederate Biographies:
A Web Resource

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CALHOUN, John Caldwell

A Biography of John Caldwell Calhoun (1782-1850)
March 18, 1782 in South Carolina, Calhoun was born, and educated at Yale College. From 1808 to 1810 an economic recession hit the United States and Calhoun realized that British policies were ruining the economy....

DAVIS, Jefferson Finis

Jefferson Davis and Slavery
Jefferson Davis was a Jeffersonian Democrat and was "dedicated to the principle of state rights under the Constitution." The ideas he held concerning slavery, or that "peculiar institution" as slavery was often referred to, inherited from his father and George Washington, dictated that slavery was a "stepping stone" for the Negro to become perfect. Evidently, meaning to become more like the white man, the same concept held towards attempts to civilize the Native Americans.

Jefferson Davis Biography
Jefferson Davis (1808-1889) President of the Confederate States of America. Jefferson Davis was born June 3, 1808, in that portion of Christian county, Kentucky, which was afterwards set off as Todd county. His grandfather was a colonist from Wales, living in Virginia and Maryland....

The Jefferson Davis Entourage
This Yahoo! discussion group is an excellent resource for anyone looking for information about President Jefferson Davis or who has information which he wishes to share.

DAVIS, Varina Banks Howell

Letter by Jefferson Davis' Widow Poses Mystery
The following is a “mystery” letter said to have been penned by Varina Davis, widow of Jefferson Davis, at their home, Beauvoir, in Biloxi, Mississippi, apparently sometime after her husband's death (which occurred December 6, 1889). The letter was copied by Mattie S. (Mrs. Luther) Meadows of Chatham, Virginia in 1937 as a part of the WPA Writers Project Historical Inventory. The document was in the possession of Belle (Mrs. Scott) Carter of Chatham, Virginia. (Her home is at 9 Aston Place.)....

FORREST, Nathan Bedford

General Nathan Bedford Forrest Historical Society
"The PURPOSE of the Society is to honor and preserve the name and heroic deeds of General N.B. Forrest and his Cavalry. To Protect and Preserve the General's equestrian statue and last resting place. To be a research center for the study of General Forrest and his campaigns. To publish articles, manuscripts, photos, and books on the General, and to make such available to our members and the public. To host special events, historical tours and sponsor a speakers bureau of qualified Forrest historians. Also, to manage and maintain the Forrest related hiking trails in Tennessee & Mississippi."

Nathan Beford Forrest Biography
Nathan Bedford Forrest (1821-1877). With no formal military training, Nathan Bedford Forrest became one of the leading cavalry figures of the Civil War. The native Tennesseean had amassed a fortune, which he estimated at $1,500,000, as a slave trader and plantation owner before enlisting in the Confederate army as a private....

Nathan Bedford Forrest Biography
Lieutenant-General Nathan Bedford Forrest in 1865, private of Cavalry in 1861. As Senator Daniel has said, "what genius was in that wonderful man! He felt the field as Blind Tom touches the keys of the piano. 'War means killing," he said, "and the way to kill is to get there first with the most men." He was not taught at West Point, but he gave lessons to West Point....

HOOD, John Bell

Gen. John Bell Hood, CSA
The authoritative web site detailing the life and career of General John Bell Hood, CSA.

JACKSON, Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall"

Thomas J. Jackson Biography Page
Next to Robert E. Lee himself, Thomas J. Jackson is the most revered of all Confederate commanders. A graduate of West Point (1846), he had served in the artillery in the Mexican War, earning two brevets, before resigning to accept a professorship at the Virginia Military Institute. Thought strange by the cadets, he earned "Tom Fool Jackson" and "Old Blue Light" as nicknames.

Stonewall Jackson
Lieutenant-General Thomas Jonathan Jackson was one of those rare historical characters who is claimed by all people--a man of his race, almost as much as of the Confederacy. No war has produced a military celebrity more remarkable, nor one whose fame will be more enduring....

Stonewall Jackson Study Group
An excellent site for the discussion and study of the life of this outstanding Confederate military leader.

JOHNSTON, Albert Sidney

Albert Sidney Johnston
General Albert Johnston was born on February 3, 1803 in Washington, Kentucky. He went to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and graduated in 1826. At the beginning of the Civil War President Jefferson Davis appointed him to the rank of full general in the Confederate Army where he took command of the Department of Kentucky.....

LEE, Robert Edward

Lee, Virginia's General
During most of the Civil War, Lee shared general popularity with other Confederate generals. In the later part of the war and until his death in 1870, Lee was a hero figure for Virginia. He was called such things as the "First Gentleman of Virginia." His white horse was reportedly half bald by the war's end, from devotees snatching a souvenir as the general passed by....

Robert Edward Lee Biography
The idol of the South to this day, Virginian Robert E. Lee had some difficulty in adjusting to the new form of warfare that unfolded with the Civil war, but this did not prevent him from keeping the Union armies in Virginia at bay for almost three years....

Robert E. Lee
LEE, Robert Edward, soldier, born in Stratford, Westmoreland County, Virginia, 19 Jan., 1807; died in Lexington, Virginia, 12 Oct., 1870. He was the son of the Revolutionary general Henry Lee (q. v.), known as " Light-Horse Harry," was graduated from the U. S. military academy at West Point in 1829, ranking second in a class of forty-six, and was commissioned as a 2d lieutenant in the engineers....


The Longstreet Society
The Longstreet Society is dedicated to the celebration of the life of Lieutenant General James Longstreet, C.S.A., 1821-1904, with an emphasis on his post war life and his devotion to the American ideals of Brotherhood, Peace and Understanding among all peoples.

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