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We, as common citizens of the United States, having come together with no major sponsors or controlling interests other than our common interest in liberty and equality have formed the Confederate National Party. We do now set forth in this document our common beliefs and agenda of what we wish to achieve as a national political party. We believe that the power of the government comes from the people governed and is granted by those people to the government for the protection of the people, not for the control of the people. The states which compose the country of the United States are sovereign entities superior to the Federal government of these United States and that the only true role for the federal government is to act as a unified voice for the several States in dealing with foreign nations and to serve as the central command of the armed forces in the event of war.

We believe that our nation was founded on Christian ethics and principles and that our forefathers acknowledged God and called on Him for His guidance in creating this country for themselves and their posterity. We welcome all persons who hold these same beliefs and encourage the free expression of those beliefs.

We believe in true and just laws which serve to further the safety and stability of our society; not laws which restrict our society and the daily lives of citizens.

With those principles in mind, we believe that the current federal government has become too large, too powerful, and too restrictive of the rights of the citizens of this country. We also believe that special interest groups have become too powerful in the governance of this nation and have established a reciprocating relationship with professional politicians in which the groups finance the political campaigns and are rewarded with monetary and legislative gifts from those politicians.

Having set forth those principles of our beliefs above, we have determined the following items to be key goals of our national agenda.

1. New Amendment to Constitution which repeals 14th, and 15th Amendments.

2. An Amendment to the Constitution which states that nullification and secession are inalienable and irrefutable rights of the States.

3. A law and eventual Constitutional Amendment declaring English as the official language of these United States.

4. Removal of all powers at the Federal level that are not explicitly given to the Federal government by the Constitution.

5. Immediate withdrawal from the United Nations and eviction of all United Nation agencies and organizations from United States soil.

6. Abolition of the Federal Reserve Bank.

7. Planned, gradual withdrawal of all U.S. military forces from all foreign nations and territories.

8. Federal income tax abolished and replaced by a system of funding through a direct levy on the states in proportion to the population of those states and established by convention of the states.

9. Reform of the federal judicial system removing many of the federal judiciary’s powers over the states.

10. A reaffirmation of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. If necessary, a new amendment which restates the basic principles in such a way that cannot be mis-interpreted.

11. A limit on the salaries of elected officials. No elected official will ever receive a salary more than the median salary of the nation.

12. Legislation to insure that no elected official will ever serve more than two consecutive terms.

We believe that the common citizen of this country has become distrustful of professional politicians and feels disenfranchised. We will select our candidates from everyday working men and women from all facets of society and return the power to control the government and the nation to the average citizen. Our political organization is controlled and directed from the bottom up, in that the local party offices provide direction and platform items to the state organizations which then direct the national organization. With the support of the millions of Americans who have become disillusioned with the current system, we will push to return this great nation to the freedoms and greatness it once knew before the federal government began overstepping its Constitutional boundaries.


National Headquarters

P.O. Box 53
Tate, Georgia 30177

K. Steven Monk, National Chairman
EMAIL: [email protected]


Confederate Party of Arizona website
State Chairman: Les Cogar
[email protected]

Confederate Party of Georgia website
State Chairman: K. Steven Monk
[email protected]

Confederate Party of Pennsylvania website
State Chairman: George Neat
[email protected]

Confederate Party of West Virginia
State Chairman: Charles Hawes
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