Confederate States Militia



Articles of Confederation
This was the original Constitution of the United States and the one they should have kept. But the Federalists, like Hamilton, had other ideas.

C.S.A. Government
The official site for the restoration of the government of the Confederate States of America.

Confederate American Pride
Dedicated to Americans who are proud of their Confederate heritage, this site is a powerhouse of information for all Southern patriots.

Confederate Reenactor
This group is dedicated to a specialised aspect of a rather specialised hobby–that of creating Confederate reenacting impressions. We welcome all War for Southern Independence reenactors into our group–both those who are diehard Confederates as well as those who do impressions of both sides but wish to hone up on their Confederate impressions. There is no skill level that you must possess in order to be a member here. We welcome pros and newcomers alike.

Constitution of the Confederate States of America
The following is the complete text of the Constitution of the Confederate States of America, as adopted on March 11, 1861. The text of the CSA Constitution was verified at the University of Oklahoma and the Library of Congress and was marked up for Web display by Steve Mount. The University of Georgia has the original hand-written copies in its archives.

Dar’s C.S.M. Site
Lieutenant Colonel Dar McKim’s site for the Confederate States Militia. Dar was a co-founder of the CSM.