CONFEDERATE AMERICAN PRIDE: A Study in Modern Liberal Revisionism and Political Correctness Confederate American Pride

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A Study in Modern Liberal Revisionism and Political Correctness
By Roy H. Norris

The book, Battle Cry of Freedom, by John McPherson, billed as a one volume history of the Civil War, is simply not that at all. It would have been better titled as, “A Civil War History as Northern Liberals Wish it had Been and Want Others to Believe it Was”.

This is the same old, and now very tired, restatement of “The Great Myth”, offered as history, but assembled and supported from distorted and cherry picked facts, fabrications, and an analysis of motives that is simply fanciful. The purpose, like many American myths such as the reason for the genocide of the Native Americans, was to cover the often dishonorable and violent expansionism and subjugation of people by those in control of political power and their surrogates in Washington during the mid 1800’s. You might look at it as something similar to what Adolph Hitler would have written in his memoirs if Germany had won the Second World War.

Anyone who believes this absurd recreation of a nonexistent past is foolish and not willing to do the work to learn what really happened. As victors write the histories to justify and glorify their actions, one has to also look at what those conquered had to say themselves to get a balanced picture.

It has always amused me that northern liberal scholars and historians alike, feel their insights into the minds of the Southern people are more accurate than what those very people knew themselves and shared openly among themselves, as well as with outsiders, concerning their reasons for secession from he Union.

If you want to know the truth, take the time to read what Southern leaders really said by reading their original works, not some fabrication by someone with a vested interest in “the Great Myth” (belief in which is mandatory to be accepted as a “serious” scholar or academician in today’s left leaning university system). For an even more revealing view, read what 3rd party foreign observers said of the motives of both sides in the Civil War. I believe you will be astonished.

We Americans are very quick to point out the propaganda of others; what a shame we are totally oblivious to our own. We would be a better nation and a more worthy people if we were willing to honestly face the realities of our past. Only then can we do a better job in the future.

The American Civil War was, at its heart, a cultural war and an attempt at cultural Genocide. It was a continuance of a 1,000 year war between the Celtic cultures of the Scott’s, Irish, and Welsh as a group against the Anglo-Saxon/Norman cultured English and Puritans with their then insatiable appetite for dominion and control over other peoples (i.e. India, South Africa, Rhodesia, and Arabia). It continued with these same players when they migrated from Great Britain to the American continent. This Cultural War reached a peak in the guise of the Civil War. It continues today under the name of the “Culture War” of secular progressives vs. conservatives. It was and is a battle of deep seated values and beliefs and the right of a significant population to be free to live their lives in accordance with those values and beliefs.

In essence, following the end of the Civil War, the vast majority of what we have been taught, from our schoolbooks, literature, and even most motion pictures concerning that period has been a current day equivalent of “Group Think”. George Orwell’s, “Nineteen Eighty-four” could have been better titled, “Eighteen Eighty-four”, for it is a blueprint of how to dominate a people. First, conquer them in war and then demonize them and destroy their history, their symbols (the Confederate Flag, the song “Dixie”, etc.), and their spirit. Finally, control the education of their young to “own” their minds.

This is precisely what has been done to the Southern people. We have been the subjects of brainwashing and Cultural Genocide and most of us didn’t even know it. (One of the defining characteristics of brainwashing is that you don’t even know it is happening to you.) In school we were all taught the “Official Yankee Story” as if it were true history. Finally as we now see the ultimate outcome of that depraved peoples’ idea of government are some Southerners finally waking up and realizing what has been done to them. They have been subdued, their heritage, their culture and their history stolen from them and their ancestors disgraced.

Now that you know, what will YOU do about it? Opportunities are coming. Let us not be found unready.

A reading list for those who want to know the truth concerning the causes of the Civil War (all available on Amazon):

1. When in the Course of Human Events – by Charles Adams, 2000
2. The Real Lincoln – by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, 2002
3. Slavery, Secession, and Civil War: Views from the UK and Europe, 1856-1865 – by Charles Adams, 2007
4. The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government – by Jefferson Davis, 1881
5. War Between the States – by Alexander H. Stevens, 1867
6. A Constitutional History of Secession – by John E. Graham, 2002
7. Cracker Culture – Celtic Ways of the Old south – by Grady McWhiney, 1988
8. Plain Folk of the Old South – by Frank L. Owsley, 1949