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Alcy Dampier

GIVEN NAME: Alcy (Ailcy)
SURNAME: Dampier
BIRTH: 14 May 1807
DEATH: 24 Jan 1886 in Worth County Georgia

FATHER: John Warren Dampier
MOTHER: Ailcy ‘Esenure’ Hodges – b. 1788 in Effingham County, Georgia.

MARRIAGE: William Washington Monk, Jr. b. 18 May 1809 in Bulloch County, Georgia
MARRIED: In 1828

Miles Monk – b. 7 Apr 1842, Worth County, Georgia
Matilda Monk – b. 1830
Mary Ann Monk – b. 1832
Martha Ann Monk – b. 1835
Hiram Monk – b. 1838
Thomas John Monk – b. 1841
Mahlon Monk – b. 1844
Sarah Ann Monk – b. 1847
William Washington Monk – b. 1852

Public Story:
Taken from the History of Worth County, Georgia:
Mrs. Alcy (Dampier) Monk was a woman of rare personality, she was independent to the point of sacrifice, she was self-reliant and responsible. She dowered her family with her industry and the bread of idleness was not eaten on her place. She took hold of the farm and stock-raising after her husband died and carried it on successfully. Wool and beef cattle were the chief sources of income in those days. She had an irresistible love for literature, and would set aside days for reading just as she would set apart days for doing any other task, and would invite her friends into the feast of a good dinner and a feast of mind. Books and newspapers were scarce in those days. She took an intense interest in religion. She was Primitive Baptist. She would take her children and a lunch and walk five miles to Old China Grove Church to services. Services in those days came once a month and lasted all day. She wanted her stock to rest on Sunday.

Alcy Dampier was the daughter of John Dampier and Alcy Hodges. Alcy Hodges was the daughter of Joshua Hodges and wife, Ann Raiford. Joshua Hodges was a Revolutionary soldier. He died in Bulloch County, Georgia.