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Confederate American Pride’s

The Ultimate Form of Confederate Activism!

Flagging scalawags who would deny us our heritage is one of the latest forms of Confederate activism which is sweeping the South. It had its origin in Georgia with the removal of the 1956 Veterans Memorial Flag of Georgia which was pulled down in 2000 by ex-governor Roy Barnes. Barnes was defeated in his bid for a second term by Sonny Perdue, who ran on a platform that included a promise to give Georgians a fair vote to return the 1956 flag to its proper place as the official state flag of Georgia. To make a long story short, he reneged on that promise by introducing a third choice on the referendum to restore our flag and then pulling our flag off the referendum. Since this infamous act, he has been flagged even more vehemently than his predecessor was.

This page has been introduced to the Confederate American Pride website to serve as a sort of “Flagging Central” for reports on flaggings conducted not only in Georgia, but around the South as well. Please add it to your bookmarks and check back often for updates. To post a flagging report to this page please send the report in an email to [email protected]. Photos that accompany the reports should be sent as jpeg attachments.

Steve Monk
Concerned Georgia citizen and flagger


At least fly our flag

From: [email protected]

Of all the things we purport to be & say we should be doing as southerners, it seems to me one of the simple things we could do as individuals is fly our own Confederate battle flag in front of our homes 24 / 7. It has bothered me for years that the majority of us do not.

Ride down any road & you will see few, if any flying. On those rare occasions we do see a brave soul flying one its almost as much shock as it is joy knowing a few will fly our flag.

I fly one, a 3ft x 5ft in my front yard the majority of the time on a 20 ft. flag pole in a high traffic area, thousands of people see it daily. Places like Lowes & Home Depot sell flag poles. I buy my flags from a place that sells the print flags for $5 each. After an initial investment of $100 – 200 dollars for the pole it costs me $10 a year to fly our flag, replacing them app. every 6 months.

When we consider the SCV has 30,000 members plus the membership of the UDC, OCR and numerous other southern organizations & individuals it should be commonplace to see our flag just about every road we travel.

As beautiful as it is to see a giant Confederate battle flag flying by our interstates, how much more of a statement is made by seeing hundreds of thousands of them flying daily at the homes of our brothers & sisters?

If some can`t even muster up enough courage to do something as simple as this how then can we ever expect them to confront our real enemies ?

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama

Re: At least fly our flag

From: [email protected]


Billy Price is right (ain’t he always) about ‘our’ folks flying our flag. Lots of our folks speak a good game, but don’t walk the walk. Remove those who live in neighborhoods with Home Owners Associations, those who rent, those who are poor and those recently passed on and you still have a sizable percentage left over. Where are the flags?

Quite a few members of SCV camps don’t have a SCV plate either…

Back when I was involved in the Project Wave movement, created by legendary Lijah Coleman – GaDivSCV Confederate of the Year and Granddaddy Flagger of all Georgians, where he planted nearly 1,500 twenty foot FREE flagpoles to those who stated they believed in the old 1956 Ga Flag and would maintain it – approx 90% of them are empty or removed. Only a small handful still exist with some version of a Southern Flag on them, and I maintain 3 of them plus my house. So much for the sunshine patriots who only believed in the 56 flag till the material fell apart.

Here is the link to Lijah Coleman’s Project Wave site. His efforts inspired others to plant poles in their areas here in Georgia.

Certainly some others out there will pick up this ball and run with it all across the Southland. http://www.southernmessenger.org/flag_poles.htm

If it doesn’t say Dixie Outfitters, it AIN’T Dixie Outfitters!


Monday, 7 November 2011
Georgia Power’s Plant Wansley Flagged!

A report by Billy Bearden

Today’s Flagging began at approx 2:17pm on the Lowell Road gate – Carroll County side. I arrived first and the lay of the land was very simple, a wide 2 lane road with plenty of parking alongside of the road and excellent weather.Cars could only enter and exit in one direction, as Lowell Road dead ends 100 yards from the gate , so it was a standard fish in a barrel type scenario

Insider info said this gate was the most used by employees, and shift workers begin leaving at 2:30pm.

I began by setting up 2 flag displays that covered an additional 300 yards, Then I set up shop directly across from the gate with my 6X9 Battleflag on a 12 foot pole. I wore my Confederate Corporals uniform but had no weapons, just haversack and canteen.

Within 5 minutes of my arrival, I spoke with 2 people who pulled over and asked what was going on. I just started by asking them about their knowledge of Yellow Dirt, and both nodded and pointed back towards the big chimney and said ‘is it about the flags?’ I said yessir.

By 2:35, James and Pam Tolbert pulled up to join me. This was their first ever Flagging, so I set them up with a pole each, Miss Pam had brought a flag to use, and I loaned James my 4X4 ANVCBF I gave them a few tips on what to do, what to expect and how to respond. It would turn out for them the best 1st Flagging I have ever saw.

I had 2 more encounters with folks stopping and asking what was going on, and I said the same thing as before, but these people were not aware of the situation inside their place of work, but they left with a whole new outlook, and were very supportive of our efforts.

Just before 3pm, Russ Massa of the Heard Citizen newsmedia appeared. Miss Pam yelled to him “youre one of us!” and he stated NO he was a reporter. I told Miss Pam he probably wouldn’t hold a flag with us, but would take our picture of us with a flag.

As he began interviewing us, a Carroll County Deputy pulled up. I thought I had the drill down, I just knew why he was there and I began my canned responses on right of ways and nothing sinister going on, but it turns out that he was just patroling the area and thought a few folks sporting flags on the side of the road looked unusual, so he just stopped to check us out.

The reporter even asked the Deputy a few questions.

As Russ was putting an interview with the Tolberts on digital recording devices, Veteran Flagger from Jasper arrived, Mr. K. Steven Monk. His uniform is his trademark and he always looks real sharp. General Monk pulled out his ANVCBF and pole and took up station near me, as we greeted each other for the first time since Montgomery. Mr Massa then comes over to us and I introduce tyhe two men. Then Steve gets an interview.

Passersby are about 95% positive/friendly. Miss Pam makes sure we are aware of the ones who dont acknowledge her cheery waves and big warm smile. She later admits she really enjoyed doing this, James confesses that Flagging was easy.

Finally the interviews had been made, the Sheriffs deputy departs and it is just us 4 Flaggers to face the sporadic release of Plant Wansley workers

For a few hours Ga Power security had a truck park down near a treeline inside the gate to watch us. Later inside sources inform us that the chief of security Tammy Lovvorn and another person were glued to TV monitors tuned to “The Flagger Show” but they never came out to see us.

Word also was given that shortly after 3ish, their switchboard lit up like a Christrmas Tree light show. Perhaps folks were curious as to our presence? Wonder what was said…

Pictures were taken, stories swapped, and many a person waved, thumbs upped us, some either yelled ‘Yahoo’ or ‘The South is gonna rise again”, and more than a few were spotted snapping camera phone pix of us.

While Jasper is quite a ways off, Steve relayed to us a man in San Diego California said he was flying a CBF in support there for our actions today. Bi-Costal Flagging – so it turned out to be a Multistate Flagging afterall!

Special thanks go out today for Steven Monk and his San Diego Amigo for the Long Distance dedication, and to our new up and coming star – Mrs. Susan Hathaway in Virginia, who is the Flagger tech support who posts instantly for .Flaggers everywhere to see what info I send her (when she is not out Flagging herself in the Old Dominion). Also .thanks to Russ Massa of the Heard Citizen for keeping the story hot, and to Pam and James Tolbert for being new .Flagger recruits!

Anyone else want to Flag Wansley – This IS THE WEEK TO DO SO!
Till next time
Billy Bearden 673

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Monday, 10 January 2011
Report from Atlanta

Hey good rebels (or revolutionaries),

Just a report from snowed-in Atlanta. On Monday, January 10, the inauguration of Nathan Deal as governor of Georgia took place. I was there with my 30″ x 30″ battle flag on a bamboo pole. Of course, I did not have an invitation to go inside and witness the ceremony, but I marched around and around the capitol building probably 50 times from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

It was a wonderful experience with the snow and all. The capitol building and grounds were beautiful blanketed in white, something we don’t often see in Atlanta. I received much encouragement during my sentry duty, and had a number of short conversations with policemen of all types–even the game wardens were there on duty. I talked to all kinds of people and a few state congressmen. Of course, I had some icy stares (no freezing-weather pun intended) and a few catcalls, but it was a great experience and I will do it again. There is something invigorating about doing what’s right especially in crisp winter air.

Here in Georgia, down at the Capitol one would not know that exactly 150 years ago, our state was preparing for the Second American Revolution. The only commemorative banners flying at the capital were on light poles and they that said, “Martin Luther King, Jr.***25th***One love*One dream***REMEMBER! CELEBRATE! ACT!” with a picture of MLK and his wife. Well, I don’t know about the one-dream-one-love part, but I do like Remember-Celebrate-Act!

Let’s do it again, Georgia!

Alan Keck, an Atlanta Rebel
[email protected]

Sunday, 3 October 2010
Roy “The Rat” Barnes flagged in Dalton, Georgia


It was almost a no show but me and compatriot Steve Hall were there in Dalton, Georgia when Roy “The Rat” Barnes made his appearance for his supporters and some of Georgia’s teachers on 2 October 2010… and we flagged him good. As reported by compatriot Hall in a previous report, he was there in his “Roy the loser” ’56 Georgia Flag t-shirt and actually had some interesting discourse with a few of Roy’s supporters. At 2:00 pm that day, just as a hoard of his supporters were showing up for the public rally, I unfurled my 4′ x 6′ REAL Georgia Flag and began parading down Depot Street right in front of the Depot building where Roy was busily delivering still another of his long winded speeches for his supporters, as the cameras began to whirl. Thanks to the large plate glass windows on the side of the meeting room, him and his supporters got a really good view of me as I walked by, that big ’56 of mine floating gently on a brisk little breeze. I know I saw at least a couple of those cameras pointed right at me.

All in all, I’d say we had a pretty good flagging for just the two of us. I’m pretty sure we got our point across. Hope y’all enjoy the attached picture.

K. Steven Monk
Adjutant, Gilmer Light Guards Camp 89
Ellijay, GA

Thursday, 30 November 2006
142nd Anniversary Franklin Battlefield Flag March

Thursday, the 30th of November 2006 is a day that I will always remember. At approximately three o’clock in the afternoon of that day, our column of Confederate patriots stepped off from Winstead Hill, the same place where, in 1864, on this day, Hood’s army of Confederates began their attack on Union positions in the town of Franklin, Tennessee. My blood stirred as the loud, booming sound of our Confederate artillery heralded the beginning of our march. Not since the Hunley Funeral march in Charleston in 2004 have I ever felt such pride in my Confederate heritage. Go take a look at the pictures of this event and of the encampment at Rippavilla Plantation in Spring Hill, the night before the march on my Webshots page…
Webshot Pictures

Tuesday, 27 September 2005
Sonny Perdue Flagged at the Crowne Plaza Ravina Hotel in Atlanta

On Tuesday evening, 27 September 2005, approximately twelve dedicated Georgia flaggers flagged Sonny “The Liar” Perdue at the Crowne Plaza Ravina Hotel. The occasion was his attendance at the Atlanta Israel Bonds Business and Community Tribute Dinner. This was a terrific flagging at a GREAT location! Check out the pictures of this flagging on Webshots….
Webshot Pictures

Sunday, 26 June 2005
Waving Proudly Over Alabama: The Giant Confederate Flag on I-65

A new form of Confederate Flag activism that is gaining momentum across the South is the raising of large Confederate Battleflags in prominent locations on private property. That way, when the whiners and complainers start their politically correct song and dance, they don’t have a legal leg to stand on. One very outstanding example of such a flag raising was the giant 20′ x 30′ Confederate Battleflag raised on property owned by the Sons of Confederate Veterans alongside I-65 between Montgomery and Birmingham in Alabama. As you might expect, the pc complainers were on hand at the dedication of this flag to try and protest. But they were cut short by the Alabama State Patrol. I caught it all on my digital camera in a number of shots which you can view at my Webshots page…
Webshot Pictures

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