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Lesson # 4 – Confederate-American History:
General Nathan Bedford Forrest

By Craig Maus
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Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein)
(Part A of Lesson # 4)

‘History is written by those who Hang Heroes’ or, to the Victor goes the Spoils!


There is probably no other Confederate figure who has been as maligned and falsely portrayed than General Nathan Bedford Forrest. And just like our Confederacy, his true person, ideals and beliefs have been deliberately mis- characterized for fear by those that if the TRUTH of each were to be made known, this country would be an altogether different place and their standard of dependency & control, would be threatened as never before.

I have always admired & respected him and he is in fact, my personal hero. Anyone who knows me will attest to this. I not only admire him but the respect I have for him is immeasurable.

I have MUCH in common with the General and I share his principles, standards, beliefs and his commitment to a Cause that has never died! The enemy’s of America would have you believe he was an out and out racist. NOTHING could be further from the Truth. He was a man of directness, never mixed words and told you exactly how he felt. On the Battlefield…..well let me say I would NOT have been one who desired to oppose him. He was the consummate warrior and is constantly studied by today’s military tacticians.

In my office I have a Sharps 56-50 rifle and beneath it is this inscription: ” Never stand and Take a charge….. Charge them Too! “- General Nathan Bedford Forrest

Therein lays the persona of the man!

How sad that today we don’t have many like him anymore but rather, the sorry likes of black radicals like Sharpton, Jackson & yes Obama, who assail my General & who will only portray him as the first leader of the Klu Klux Klan to a black populace who, like white America, has been denied the Truth because of their designed diatribe. It’s always easy too do that to anyone who no longer can defend themselves or their persons & beliefs when they’re not around….especially when they’re in control.

If he were alive today, I wonder if they would have the courage to meet with him much less speak ill of him knowing the nature of his standards and character!

History is written by those cowards who Hang Heroes!

If President Davis ever made a mistake, it was NOT giving him the Corps Command of our Trans-Mississippi Army. Had he done so, I believe things would have been entirely different. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the Confederacy would have prevailed or certainly, in the least, would have been in a position to seek the Treaty General Robert E. Lee desired had he been successful at Gettysburg….and thus, TWO Country’s (a Constitutional Republic or a Federal Democracy would have resulted as it should have been) in which the People could choose the one whose design they felt represnted their wishes the Best….and the one they would decide they wanted to live in!

IF General Forrest were given the Corps Command he should have had, Ft. Donnellson would have NEVER been surrendered and if it had to go down, it would have gone down fighting. Certainly the results at Shiloh would have been altogether different as he would have NOT ‘rested’ that night as Braxton Bragg had ordered and he would have DESTROYED the Federal Invader as they came across the river at Pittsburg Landing as he wanted to….. And thus, Vicksburg would have NEVER been put under siege and the Mississippi would have remained in Confederate hands.

Oh the what if !!!!

Now here is more of that History that has been denied, withheld, hidden or ‘altered’ & ‘revised’ in order to COMPLY with today’s Political Correctness thanks to the Federal Invader & their Special Interest lackey’s who over-ran our Country more than 145 years ago-

The Following article appeared in the April, 2010 edition of The Nationalist Times and was written by Michael X. Collins entitled: “Suppression of Ft. Pillow“. This is Part A of that article.

2010 marks the 146th anniversary of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s stunning suppression of Union- occupied Ft. Pillow in Tennessee on April 12, 1864. It is the event that Cultural-Marxists in government schools & the media have hysterically tagged as the “Ft. Pillow Massacre.”

I was indoctrinated as early as the 6th grade that the evil Confederate General Forrest, during the battle, sought to slaughter every blessed soul in Ft. Pillow, especially the blacks.

Not only have we learned that was a LIE on several levels, it wasn’t even a clever lie. But the anti-white character assassins point to the putative Union ‘investigation’ & U.S. Grant’s memoirs as ‘authority’ for the charge. Again, all of which merely showed that not only was Grant a drunk, and ABSENT from that battle, but a drunk in a failing struggle with the truth as well.

That there were so many Union survivors to “testilie” about what occurred DISPROVES, res ipsa loquitur (the thing speaks for itself) the bogus charge that Forrest sought to slaughter all of the fort’s occupants, particularly the drunken Negroes who were gotten into that condition by their new Republican plantation Mastas. As History has demonstrated, had Forrest wished for such a result it would certainly have occurred. No doubt about it! Nor would he have blanched from taking a hand in the work himself. He was Celtic warrior in the tradition of Vercingetorix: totally fearless & absolutely ferocious in battle. He was a nightmare for his escort & bodyguard. It had been reported that by the War’s conclusion Forrest had killed 30 men in individual hand to hand combat, had 29 horses shot out from under him &, in the process, suffered 5 severe wounds. In the course of my inquiries, I have been unable to identify even 10 Union Generals, combined, who had anything approaching that remarkable record. I’m guessing that all Union Generals, combined, couldn’t match his record.

This absolutely remarkable & authentic genius for war, has been vilified for a number of reasons, i.e., he was a White, monogamous heterosexual, Southern male, Christian, tee-totaler, semi-literate, slave owner with no formal schooling & without ANY military training & champion of State’s Rights….blah, blah, yada, yada, etc. so sayeth the gospel of the Left! But one of the real reasons Forrest is pillowried with the Ft. Pillow MYTH is simply to hide a greater Lincoln crime, more obscene than any of his (Lincoln’s) other crimes.

Ft. Pillow was the ideal vehicle of misdirection. (NOTE what we Confederates have been saying all along- Lincoln & Reconstruction were simply the ‘parents’ for today’s Federal Leviathan culminating with the Marxist Obama & his Transformation ‘policy’. Y’all have been led down a false path and, as y’all have paid the price, Literally, through the theft of your money for their Transgressions and Treasonous actions, you have been sheered like sheeple taking their last breath just before their ‘executions’.)

It was used by LINCOLN—-the greatest coffin filler in American History until FDR—to cover up his own atrocities against Southern women & children by his proxies, Grant, Sherman & Sheridan.

But Forrest’s most unforgivable sin was proving, once again, that blacks did not possess the martial attributes necessary for modern warfare, liberal fantasies not withstanding. But the enormity of the Ft. Pillow LIE wasn’t enough for the party of Lincoln. Incidentally, Lincoln the pillager in whom Reinhard Heydrich must surely have found an authentic soul mate. Just as the same LEFTIST forces would totally destroy another Celtic warrior, Senator Joseph McCarthy, 90 years later. The Northern royalty & their subversive allies were determined to thoroughly obliterate the character if not the very name & substance of Nathan Bedford Forrest. As the most brilliant cavalry tactician in American History, and possibly the greatest since Genghis Khan, demonizing him would be a daunting task.

So, after ‘formal’ hostilities ceased, Forrest was tossed under the manure cart once again. This time his ‘crime’ was having the temerity to defend his kinsmen against the depredations of the rapacious Northern white carpetbaggers, Southern Scalawags and black terrorists. He did so by assuming leadership of the newly formed White self-defense organization, the Klu Klux Klan. Never mind that during the totally mis-named period called ‘Reconstruction’, Southern Whites were NOT legally permitted to defend themselves against even the most barbaric crimes perpetrated by the newly freed blacks. Roaming black mobs were armed by the UNION, plied with Massachusetts whiskey, egged on by the Northern Church’s perfumed princes, praised in Lincoln’s newspapers & PROTECTED by Federal Bayonets. (Sound familiar to ‘any’ current events folks?) Self-help was the Southern citizen’s ONLY defense and the KKK was the instrument. (Did y’all ever learn about this in the Federal classroom?)

But it became clear as the wart on Lincoln’s mendacious face that Southern Whites were marked for a program of perpetual revenge & outright EXTERMINATION (today its called genocide) by the John Brown’s & Thaddeus Stevens ‘Republican’s’. Perhaps the maltreatment of Germans after WW II by the FDR- HST Morgenthau liberals will give doubters a more RECENT reality reference.

As to the charge that Nathan Bedford Forrest singled out blacks to kill rather than whites, I suggest you consider his remarks at the Democratic Convention in Brownsville, Tennessee in 1868. I think these couple of sentences capture the essence of Nathan Bedford Forrest as warrior & politician & might be instructive for us as well:

“I can assure you, fellow citizens, that I for one do NOT want any more war…nor do I want to see Negroes armed to shoot down White men. If they (meaning Washington, DC- and again, look & sound famaliar with respect to today’s events? How does the Washington elitists describe us- Nazi’s, right-winger’s and oh yes, let us NOT forget that Historic Card they hold over y’all’s head- RACIST ) bring this war upon us, there is one thing I will tell you: I shall NOT shoot ANY NEGROES so long as I can see a White Radical to shoot, for it is the Radicals who will be to blame for bringing on this War.”

(End of Part A…..This one’s for you General. God Bless YOU and Thank You!!! I would have been PROUD to have ridden with y’all!)

All Roads Lead to 1865- the beginning of the end!
Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the RESTORATION of the LEGAL Government of the South – The Confederate States of America.
PS – Will YOU Join us Now?

When the South Lost, so Too Did this Entire Country…But Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time!


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