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Confederate history

Internet Discussion Groups

One of the biggest reasons that liberalism has been so successful in corrupting our society and its institutions is the near total censorship exercised by the media. Like a giant filter, it has virtually eliminated any opions or views that are not in lock step with the politically correct agenda of the New World Order.

However, with the advancement of technological wonders, there has now been a light to appear at the end of this very dark tunnel. That light is the internet. With its worldwide spread and virtually unlimited access it has become a highway of information to its many users. And one of the biggest facets of information on that highway has been the advent of internet discussion groups and newsletters.

Welcome to Confederate American Pride’s groups page! Here you will find listed many of the internet discussion groups that are dedicated to bringing you, the Confederate patriot, news and information about what is happening in the fight to save our heritage. You will also find groups listed that are dedicated to spreading the truth about the struggle for freedom and a return to the constitutional principles of government upon which this country was founded.

As a service to the compatriots who use this list to find meaningful groups to join, I do my best to insure a quality listing of Southern groups. I conduct a careful review of each group before I will list it on this page. Still, as many of you may know, groups are sometimes abandoned by their owners only to be taken over by spammers and to drift aimlessly forever in the voids of cyberspace. Should you discover a group on this list which has fallen to this fate, please email me at [email protected] and I will remove it from the list.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Please return often as this page is updated.

For a free South,

K. Steven Monk

NOTE: Moderators, click here to have your group listed on this page. To all, bookmark this page and return often as this list is frequently updated.

Yahoo! Groups

General Groups

1956 Georgia Flag, The
Abolish the Federal Reserve and the IRS
America First
Black Confederate Soldiers
Boycott Coke
Christian Republic, The
Comrades of the Southern Cross
Confederate American Pride
Confederate Americans for Secure Borders
Confederate College of Heraldry, The
Confederate Flag, The
Confederate Flaggers
Confederate National Party
Confederate Railroad – Country Group
Confederate States of America
Constitution Coalition
Flag Fight – Pro-Confederate Flag Fighters
Free CSA
Friends of the Confederate Flag
Jefferson Davis Entourage, The
Just The Good Ole Boys
Knights of Southern Independence
North Carolina Civil War History
SCV Mechanised Cavalry
Scot Watch International
Secession Advocates
Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy
Southern by the Grace of God
Southern Cross Internet Christian Ministry
Southern Nation, The
Southern Roadside Vendors
Southern Unity
Southern Vindication and Truth
Stonewall Brigade, The
Stonewall Jackson Study Group
Terry’s Texas Rangers

2nd Amendment and Militia Groups

2nd Amendment Enforcers
Citizens Militia of Georgia
Confederate States Home Guard

Reenactor Groups

12th Texas Cavalry
29th Georgia-Maine Civil War Reenactors
33rd Virginia
43rd Battalion Va. Cavalry (Mosby’s Rangers)
Ante Bellum Belles
Central Iowa Rifles
Confederate and Union Living History
Confederate Reenactor
Eastern Reenactors Association
Gabriels Legion
Nelson Grays
New Madrid Guards
Order of Confederate Gray, The
Pine Swamp Rifles, The
Reenactors in Hawaii
Southern Nevada Living History Association

SCV Groups

2nd Brigade (Blue Ridge Brigade) GA SCV
Capt W. H. McCauley SCV Camp 260
East Texas Brigade SCV
General William MacRae Camp
Georgia Division SCV Executive Council
Georgia SCV Discussion Group
Georgia SCV News
Granbury’s Texas Brigade SCV Camp 1479
Kentucky Division Sons of Confederate Veterans
Major John Pelham Camp #258 UCV/SCV
North Carolina SCV
Patrick Cleburne SCV Camp
Rutherford Rifles Camp 2044
SCV Army of Tennessee Officer Newslist
SCV-Captain Vincent Camalier Camp 1359
SCV James T. Woodward Camp 1399
SCV Mechanized Cavalry, 1st Battalion, Company C
William Henry Parsons SCV Camp #415

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