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Who Killed the Constitution?

by Sam Mathid

I became intrigued recently by the question of at what precise point the U.S. Constitution ceased to be the constraining force behind U.S. government actions. And, more importantly, who it was that doomed the Constitution to its current irrelevance. Nothing ‘just happens’, there is always some disaster maker, a real live person, lurking in history’s gloomy shadows. Who was this real, live person?

Much Googling and reading resulted in the following. As the sources were so widespread, and I am inclined to laziness, I have not bothered to give references for some of the following. However, much of the information is available on Google and can be easily checked. And yes, for some of you, as me, it will arouse some initial incredulity. I suggest that you do your own research.

Henry C. Carey (1793 – 1879) was a doctrinaire protectionist who was the founder of what came to be known as the American School of Economics. Whilst he acknowledged that there was a natural dynamic that impelled people to produce and prosper, he also believed that not all people benefited from this sort of economy. He very successfully promoted the view that to ensure the prosperity of all it was better that the economy was strongly controlled and directed by a central government (sound familiar?).

Carey’s most influential disciple in America was Abraham Lincoln for whom Carey served as chief economic advisor both before and after his election to the presidency. Carey was the intellectual backbone of the political agenda of Lincoln’s Republican Party. No one had as much influence on Lincoln as America’s first socialist economist.

Amongst Carey’s myriad interventionist beliefs was that protection from overseas trade was essential to a developing industrial nation. The Southern States strongly resisted this, to the point of threatening to secede from the Union. Not only on practical grounds based upon their burgeoning overseas trade, but on the grounds that it totally contravened the Constitution and was inimical to individual freedom.

Carey and Lincoln were the successors to Thomas Jefferson’s old antagonist, Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton had been a strong proponent of a large and centralized form of government for America, complete with a central bank. Hamilton wanted to re-create the British system but without the British. In the end Jefferson’s view of a very limited central government prevailed with the resultant 1776 Constitution. Hamilton lost the intellectual battle, partly because so many people had fled to America to get away from the curse of strong central governments, not to mention central banks.

Henry Carey’s economics accorded and dovetailed with Abraham Lincoln’s desire for the establishment of an all powerful central government which would have undisputed control over the hitherto constitutionally independent States. On 4th March, 1861 Lincoln was elected President. Within weeks he made a display of trying to re-provision the Federal outpost, Fort Sumter, in South Carolina. This was despite being advised by his top military commander, General Scott, and most of his cabinet that he should abandon it rather than provoke war with the Confederate States. The trap was set and sprung. The war began. Lincoln’s invasion of the South was not only entirely unconstitutional, it was an immoral and madcap endeavor that came within a hair’s breadth of embroiling all the major world powers including Britain, Russia, Germany and France.

On 27th April, 1861 Lincoln completely abolished Habeas Corpus in the Union and assumed dictatorial powers. This is openly acknowledged, but usually excused by the ‘fact’ that he was a ‘good’ dictator. Many Americans at the time, from both the North and the South would not have agreed with that assessment. Habeas Corpus was not reinstated in America until after Lincoln was dead. Much of the Bill of Rights was cancelled. Southern churches were put to the torch and priests and ministers were imprisoned for refusing to say prayers for Lincoln… who was an atheist.

Widespread dissent in the North against such flouting of the Constitution saw over three hundred newspapers or journals closed down by executive order with their offices often destroyed and their publishers imprisoned. No media dissent was permitted by Lincoln. Even publishers who merely advocated peaceful compromise had, at the very least, their newspapers closed down.

“One victim of Lincoln’s suppression of Northern newspapers was Francis Key Howard of Baltimore, the grandson of Francis Scott Key. Howard was imprisoned in Fort McHenry, the very spot where his grandfather composed “The Star Spangled Banner,” after the newspaper he edited criticized Lincoln’s decision to invade the South without the consent of Congress…”*

No dissent of any kind was tolerated and estimates are that up to 40,000 people in the north were imprisoned, many based merely on suspicion of them being Confederate States sympathizers. Clement Vallandighan, an elected member of the Ohio Legislative Assembly, spoke out against Lincoln’s aggression. He was arrested and deported!

Colonel John Basil Turchin of the Union Army was put before a court-martial for allowing his troops to rape, plunder and pillage. After he was found guilty and discharged, Lincoln reinstated Turchin to the military and promoted him to the rank of Brigadier General. Lincoln personally directed war strategy including selecting his generals. In 1865 Lincoln authorized General Grant to target civilians and infrastructure in an effort to lessen the South’s resolve. The object was to destroy not only the enemy, but the whole countryside that supported the enemy. This was a hitherto unknown tactic outside of Czarist Russia and a gross departure from the conduct of civilized war as accepted in Europe.

Brigadier General John Basil Turchin was born Ivan Vasilovitch Turchinoff in Russia. He was a graduate of Russia’s Imperial Military School and had gained extensive and brutal military experience under the Czar. The court-martial made him notorious and brought him to the attention of Lincoln. Turchin became another major influence toward Lincoln’s philosophy that the end justifies the means.

Thousands of women and children in the South were accordingly killed by troops under generals such as Sherman and Sheridan. Whole towns including Charleston were destroyed, many with all homes individually and systematically destroyed. Hundreds of millions of dollars in property and infrastructure were vindictively destroyed. All stock and crops were either stolen, shot or burnt, with subsequent starvation on a mass scale.

Officer sanctioned looting was widespread and houses were routinely stripped of everything of value. Less than one hundred years after the glory of the signing of the Constitution with its stress on individual freedoms and free speech, the American ideal dissolved in Abraham Lincoln’s bitter and depravedly conducted total war.

The War of 1861 – 1865 was not so much a war against the Confederate States, as it was a war against anyone who disagreed with Abraham Lincoln.

In 1865 the war ended with the Founding Father’s ideals in tatters. The strong central government that Jefferson went to such pains to avoid was inflicted on America, and the world’s light on the hill began its long, flickering demise. The South was in utter ruins and didn’t recover for over one hundred years. The North was stripped of its ethical and intellectual foundations.

John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln within days of the war ending. Like the hundreds of thousands of Southerners who fought and gave their lives in the defense of Jefferson’s ideal, his efforts were in vain. Though Booth stopped the man, the ideas that Lincoln and Carey so successfully promulgated lived on, they still do.

History is always kind to the winners and the psychotic, war-criminal Abraham Lincoln, instead of being hanged, went down in the books as an American hero complete with fake quotes making it sound as though he was some sort of Elder Statesman. Some were never fooled and knew at once an ally when they saw one. Karl Marx sent Lincoln a congratulatory letter when he was re-elected President. An odd footnote is that there is much credible evidence, including, but not only, from his surviving family, that John Wilkes Booth, the man who shot Lincoln, survived and lived until 1903.

Both Germany and Russia became very interested in Carey’s ideas of suppressing the rights of minor independent states followed by their subsequent amalgamation into a homogenized super-state. Both gave support to Lincoln during the War For Southern Independence. Czar Alexander 11 of Russia sent his entire Pacific and Atlantic naval fleet into U.S. waters, and placed the Admiral of the fleet under the control of Lincoln. This effectively stopped the British navy from supporting the South and neutralized the Confederate navy. It is an entirely reasonable and historically ironic conjecture that without the massive support of the North by the Russians, and more tacitly the Germans, the Confederacy would have won the war.

Even before the war Carey was world renowned as the intellectual force behind Lincoln’s ambitious policies. By the war’s end he had risen in stature to being a leading global strategist for the American military and intelligence. The American Ambassador Cassius Clay was instrumental in introducing the Russians to the works and ideas of Henry Carey. After Clay made a speech at an official function the Russian industrialists toasted the “great American economist Henry Carey.”

In the 1850’s Henry Carey visited Russia by invitation of the Czar. The details of the trip are shrouded in mystery. Carey was also invited to Germany by Otto Von Bismarck and what happened there is no mystery at all. The suppression of the rights of the states in Germany followed. Henry Carey traveled to Germany at least three times during the 1850’s and was instrumental in educating and shaping the new policies of the German elite. The revolution in Germany, whereby the loosely knit German Confederation was welded into the German Empire, was largely attributed to Carey’s personal efforts.

By 1871 the new Germany with a strong central government was in place. Too late America began to sense that the emergence of what was in effect an American creation, the autocratic and militaristic new Germany, had maybe not been such a good idea after all.

Otto Von Bismarck immediately embarked on a program of overseas expansion which eventually lead to WW1. During that war 120,000 Americans were killed and almost 200,000 wounded… that on top of the 620,000 Americans already killed in the War for Southern Independence. Henry Carey’s malign influence wreaked havoc in America, Germany and, speculatively, Russia with the consequent deaths of millions. His economic ideas warped the course of history from the middle of the nineteenth century right up to the present day.

The so called slavery issue and Lincoln’s famous Emancipation Proclamation was a complete red herring. The freeing of the slaves applied neither to the Northern States, nor to those areas of the South that were occupied by the North. The Proclamation was made at a time when there was a real fear that the South would win. It was made for two reasons.

The first intent was to initiate an uprising by the slaves in the unoccupied parts of the South such that the Confederate soldiers would be forced to return home to protect their families. The cynicism of this move was met with outrage both in the North and South. The second was as an appeal to the English public who abhorred slavery and would thus not support the English governments attempts to bolster the South through military activity on the border with Canada and through its navy.

In a letter to Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase, Lincoln said:

“The original proclamation has no… legal justification, except as a military measure.”

Secretary of State William Seward stated:

“We show our sympathy with slavery by emancipating slaves where we cannot reach them and holding them in bondage where we can set them free.”

Lincoln was the man who began the destruction of the U.S. Constitution. Henry Carey provided the economic system that demanded it. Alexander Hamilton provided the philosophical justification that supported it. There were many others of course who contributed to the destruction, but Lincoln and Carey were the main culprits with Hamilton in an historical supporting role. According to one of Hamilton’s biographers, Ron Chernow, to repudiate Hamilton’s political legacy is “to repudiate the modern world”. Quite.

If you have ever wondered why in the twenty-first century no one pays attention to the Constitution, then know that Lincoln declared it completely irrelevant by arbitrarily assuming dictatorial powers and waging war on the Confederate States in 1861. The deadly precedent was set.

Maybe the following quote puts it more succinctly:

“Lincoln was the first President of the United States who trampled on the monetary clauses of the Constitution (in addition to trampling on the states’ rights written into the Constitution) thereby setting a fateful precedent. Woodrow Wilson was the second, in signing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 into law, thereby making the financing of world wars easy. F.D.Roosevelt was the third, in confiscating the gold of the American people thereby making government paper king. It is questionable whether Wilson and F.D.Roosevelt could get away with their Constitutional pranks if public opinion had not been desensitized to the manipulation, nay, to the overthrow of the Constitution by Lincoln.

“The falsification of the U.S. history started with the canonization of Lincoln. Hardly a letter of the text books on the post-Lincoln history has any validity. The villains sabotaging the Constitution, the unholy trinity of Lincoln, Wilson, and F.D.R., are lionized and the perpetuation of omnipotent government celebrated.”

Our present economic and political (imperial) troubles, which can only get worse as time goes by, are directly attributable to the dismantling of the Constitutional safeguards against government manipulation of money, first advocated and practiced by Lincoln. When the helpless masses of the people, having lost their homes, their earning power, their livelihood and hope in a bright future, cry out in despair, we should remember and curse Lincoln who made it all possible. **

Our current economic disaster is the inevitable result of Lincoln’s successful push for centralized power. Thomas Jefferson understood and predicted the problems of too centralized a power and framed the Constitution precisely to avoid such an outcome.

To preserve the subjugation of a conquered people it is necessary to not only destroy the subjugated people’s sense of identity and society, but, over the course of generations, to imbue them with the belief that they are better off the way that they are now. Both those prerequisites for a permanently subjugated people have now been widely accomplished in the South. The fact remains though that the accepted history of Lincoln and Carey’s war as recorded in the texts is merely the justifications of the winners and bears no regard for the truth.

By ignoring the Constitution Lincoln destroyed the Union. After 1861 ‘The Union’ meant something completely different to that which it meant before 1861. The Constitution came to represent something very different to the document which Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers so carefully crafted and signed.

History is written by the winners; they are by no means necessarily the righteous. When America emerges from the social and financial wreckage of this current economic situation it is important that it is understood how it all came to end up in this sorry state.

The Constitution guaranteed the freedom of all Americans. That in turn guaranteed the unhindered right of all people to produce and prosper. Only by first rendering null the Constitution could individual freedom have been negated and prosperity abolished for all but the elite. That was accomplished by Abraham Lincoln… the man who killed the Constitution.

Sam Mathid
[email protected]

12th August, 2008

* ‘The Real Lincoln’ by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

DiLorenzo’s book is well researched and the evidence is startling to those of us brought up believing the propaganda. It is also well sourced.

** Professor Antal Fekete 11th August, 2008