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Monk Family History

The name Monk was brought to England in the wave of migration that followed the Norman Conquest of 1066. It is a name for a monk. Further research showed the name was derived from the Old English word munuc, of the same meaning, and would indicate that the original bearer was a Monk in the medieval period (celibacy among monks was not generally adopted until the later Middle Ages, so some of them would have had families). On the other hand, the surname may be a nickname to describe someone who was perhaps a recluse.

Before English spelling was standardized a few hundred years ago, spelling variations of names were a common occurrence. Elements of Latin, Norman French and other languages became incorporated into English throughout the Middle Ages, and name spellings changed even among the literate. The variations of the surname Monk include Monk, Monks, Monck, Moncks, Monckes and others.

Links to Monk Family History:

The Derivation in England of the Family Names of MONK and MONKS, (and their phonetic variations)

The Worthy Rebels of Worth County: A History of Company B, 10th Battalion, Georgia Infantry; Including a history of participation in that unit by Sgt. Miles Monk, Sr. and his brother, Thomas John Monk

Monk Family Index

Alberta Angeline Monk
      BIRTH: 17 Sep 1897 in Colquitt County, Georgia

Armesa Monk
      BIRTH: 1865

George Albert Monk
      BIRTH: 13 May 1891 in Colquitt County, Georgia
      DEATH: 4 March 1942
      BURIAL: Westview Cemetery, Moultrie, Colquitt County, Georgia

James S. Monk
      BIRTH: 1877

Jeremiah Bryant Monk I
      BIRTH: 6 Apr 1882 in Colquitt County, Georgia
      DEATH: 29 Aug 1960 in Moultrie, Colquitt County, Georgia

Jeremiah Bryant Monk II
      BIRTH: 3 May 1917

John F. Monk
      BIRTH: 1870

Julia Missouri Monk
      BIRTH: 14 Nov 1880 in Colquitt County, Georgia

Katie A. Monk
      BIRTH: 1876

Mahlon Monk
      BIRTH: 1800 in Colquitt County, Georgia;

Malon Monk
      BIRTH: 1731 in Edgefield District, South Carolina
      DEATH: 10 Nov 1808 in Bulloch County, Georgia

Martha A. Monk
      BIRTH: 1875

Mattie Idella Monk
      BIRTH: 17 Feb 1885 in Georgia
      MARRIAGE: Joseph Milton Newton in Colquitt County, Georgia in 1905

Miles Monk, Sr. [Profile]
      BIRTH: 7 Apr 1842 in Worth County, Georgia
      DEATH: 1 Apr 1919 in Moultrie, Colquitt County, Georgia

Miles Monk, Jr.
      BIRTH: 30 Jan 1872 in Moultrie, Georgia
      DEATH: 29 Aug 1944 in St. Petersburg, Florida

Rufus Monk
      BIRTH: 28 Mar 1919
      DEATH: 29 Dec 1995
      BURIAL: Newton City Cemetery, Newton, Baker County, Georgia
      MARRIED: Anne DeAlva

Rufus A. J. Monk
      BIRTH: 27 Oct 1894 in Colquitt County, Georgia

Sarah Elizabeth Monk
      BIRTH: 15 Jan 1885 in Colquitt County, Georgia

Stanley Monk
      BIRTH: 6 Dec 1915 in Moultrie, Colquitt County, Georgia
      DEATH: 1917

Thomas Harrison Monk
      BIRTH: 13 Mar 1888 in Colquitt County, Georgia

Wiley Monk
      BIRTH: 30 Jan 1862 in Moultrie, Colquitt County, Georgia

William Henry Monk
      BIRTH: 2 Jul 1861 in Colquitt County, Georgia
      DEATH: 25 Dec 1943 in Moultrie, Georgia
      MARRIAGE: Missouri Angeline Tucker