CONFEDERATE PRIDE: No, We Are Not Surrendering Confederate Pride

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No, We Are Not Surrendering
(Dixie Battle plans)

By J. J. Johnson

Yes, I was hurt too, Dixie. Mad enough to spit nails. But it’s time to brush the dust off ourselves, regroup, and move forward. I have seen much of the commentary on how many people feel about the Georgia Flag vote. I know many of you are ready to give up. Frankly, so am I. But, the only thing I am prepared to give up, is the way we’re fighting. It’s time to adopt a bold course. So, c’mon Southern Brothers – let’s get to work.

From Appomattox to Atlanta, we have suffered defeat after defeat. Since this is, to some degree, an ongoing war, let’s look at this mess from a battlefield strategy.

First, our weaknesses (their strength):

  1. We’ve learned from the Georgia mess that this is not about race, but money and extortion — pure and simple. The enemy will, of course, keep reminding everyone that it IS a racial issue in order to keep us on the defensive, and the morale of their troops up. But in reality, it’s about money.

  2. We are being ambushed on multiple fronts by the well funded enemy. Thus, the time for recruitment (badly needed as always) is continuously lessened by us spreading ourselves too thin. Thus, we are unable to fully respond to the latest threat. Only a few southern foundations (read: staging areas) have been created.

  3. We know the territory, but they know the boundaries. Hence, we have been forced to concentrate in a given area (Dixie); we are being surrounded, and they are on the march (latest stop – Atlanta)

  4. They have a clear agenda, and have laid out the means to achieve it. Here ‘s the mandate from the NAACP: “…within this decade we will have succeeded in removing every monument of every description dedicated to the Confederacy that adorns public property in the State of Texas. Our brothers and sisters all across the South will have succeeded in the same manner within their respective states…..” —–NAACP Conference, Houston, Texas, July 3,1998

Well, at least that last one should keep you motivated. But what’s more important to note, doesn’t this look like the same position we were in 136 years ago? From what I know about the War, here’s my opinion of why we lost:

  1. We were gentleman about the whole thing.

  2. For the most part, we stayed on the defensive – defending our Constitution and our homes .

  3. Funding dried up due in part to a successful Federal Naval campaign/blockade. In modern day terms this would be described as a ‘boycott ‘.

So, fine. A) Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. B) And when an enemy keeps getting the upper hand, you must learn, and if necessary adapt their own strategies. C) Wars are not won by one great victory, but by consecutively winning the small battles one by one, and reducing the enemies’ will to fight.

From the enemy’s mandate, the mission is clear: Saving the Southern Culture, State Sovereignty, educating the population as to the nature and cause of this contest, and keeping forever the respect and memory of those who died fighting for it. To fight any battle, all that’s needed is fuel and information. Any well-motivated army can do the rest. No more eating, meeting and retreating, gentleman. Time for them to feel our pain.

First, let’s talk fuel. In today’s political warfare, that fuel is $money$. For this, a little history lesson: Remember last year when Jesse Jackson went to Decatur, Illinois, to fight for the right of several adolescent thugs — terrorizing the entire local school system in the process? Appalled, weren’t you? Guess what? You were supposed to be. Getting mad over it kept most folks from wondering how he could even pull it off. Think about the hotel and travel costs when Jesse goes anywhere. Bodyguards, lawyers, et cetera. That takes BEAUCOUP money.

On any given day, there is another heritage violation somewhere. In most cases, the locals are on their own, since a “strike team” can’t be there in a moment’s notice. These little battles have been won and lost due to how much funding is available for the “troops in the field”. I know. I’ve been on the short end of this many times. At the Jarbridge Shovel Brigade of July 4th in Northern Rural Nevada, the 10,000 expected turned out to be only 2500 due to the cost of not only getting people there, but taking care of them while they were there.

We need to reach the Southern Businessmen. Those whose roots are in the South, believe in the Cause, and are willing to help. Sadly, a few dollars won’t help. Long Term: we are talking thousands, or even more. But why should any Southern businessman throw away money after such a cause? Rallies? Protests? Buy more flags? Answer to the Southern Businessman: Learn from the enemies’ tactics. We must become an absolute nuisance to them. This will: a) put THEM on the defensive; b) carry the message out; and c) make the next person not want to go through the headaches we give.

For example: Wouldn’t it be nice if every time a child was thrown out of school for wearing a Confederate flag, it was GUARANTEED that such a school would have at least 200 huge Confederate Flags marching around it within 48 hours – for a whole day or longer? At the same time, there should be contact persons (established regionally), ready to talk to any school official face to face to lobby for justice. Public Relations personnel to place Press Releases in the hands of the local media. People ready to offer lodging to “strike team members” from other areas. Planned and organized days where nearly the entire student body wears Confederate colors to school. If the school has to close for a day — SO WHAT!

Sounds crazy, right?

Yeah, Black folks thought so, too, when it was first proposed. Then it caught on. Impossible? Only if we don’t believe in why we’ re doing it. The point being that it takes organization, not just a rally or griping about how bad it is. There is another offensive move on foot that should be considered by many other rural areas in Dixie. Some folks in Georgia aren’t giving up yet. Mike Crane of Fannin County, Georgia, attended a Townhall Commission meeting to propose adopting “Georgia’s true State flag” as the “County flag” for Fannin County. I highly endorse this move for Fannin, and other rural counties as well. Simply proposing to add the St. Andrews Cross to an existing county flag (and pushing for it hard) is a bonafide offensive move, can keep the colors flying, and gives the opposition to many battles in different places.

Jeff Mock also wants to get this moving in Walton County, Georgia. Give these folks credit for thinking “outside of the box”. And give ’em all the support you can. As for politics, those who vote against Southern Heritage should face two election battles, not just one. First in the primary, then the general election. This means, we’ll need True Southerners from both parties — ready to sign up, with troops ready to help them.

These are not pipe dreams, folks. These are just some of the goals that can be laid out, and made into workable plans. Think to yourselves: has this ever been done before in America? All of this will take money, and good strong leadership on the ground in Dixie. The money should be raised nationwide, but administered in Dixie, by trustworthy stewards. This winter and spring, I will be speaking to many Southerners in person at numerous events. I am asking that businessmen who love the South to please attend. I will be promoting these ideas, and will push for more detailed discussions on how to achieve them. Let’s take what lessons have been learned from past movements in the South, and make them really work FOR the South this time.

One more thing before cleaning off my grays and getting back to the battlefield: To the church congregations: No movement in this nation has ever been successful without you. Talk to your ministers and fellow parishioners. More than ever, we need good, solid Christian people taking the lead, and supporting the troops. Let’s start getting some clergymen on record on the South. I know — tough call. No one wants to be labled. But there’s no better way than to just say it:

(and you can tell your friends these words came from a Black man)

There’s nothing shameful about being a White Southern Christian! There is nothing shameful about having ancestors who fought –and died– for the Confederacy. It is wrong to be attacked and assaulted simply for what you believe; yet, it is happening, people — the tables have turned. And, it will get worse if too many of you simply do nothing, accept it, and say “that’s just the way it is”. Yes, contrary to the Dixie Media, you do have rights — even White people. Anyone who dares say otherwise is violating YOUR civil liberties. Stop hanging your heads down in shame and defeat, unless you want your children and grandchildren to face even more oppression in the future. Hold that head up, and straighten out that back. It’s okay to be an American — without any prefix.

Look in the mirror. Think you’re just one person? You are one of God’s greatest gifts. If you still believe in what we are fighting for, then the South needs you. The West needs you. American needs you.

And I need you.

For Dixie,

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