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From: [email protected]

I have always been told that trying to get a bunch of southerners to agree on something is like trying to herd cats. I have seen this to be true in the last two years since becoming involved with the struggle for southern heritage.

Now that we are in the “me” generation most people do not concern themselves with anyone else or anything else. Of course, you have people (unfortunately few and far between) that are willing to do what it takes to see Southern heritage upheld. Then you have the lazy ones that simply don’t want to take the time to get out and do anything but choose to stay home and be a keyboard warrior or simply do nothing at all. You also have those that have been brainwashed by government forced education into being ashamed of their ancestors and actually believe all the propaganda. There are also the planted spies and trouble makers.

Basically there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Every time a good idea comes along everyone wants to be in charge and no one wants to follow. We need leaders like Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee but we also need those in ranks such as lieutenant and colonel and certainly we need the foot soldiers. Not everyone can be a general and we need to learn to accept that or we will never win the war.

I see alot of good ideas come across this lists. Why can’t we mobilize ourselves into one large Southern heritage organization with branches in every state? It would make more since than have dozens of smaller organizations. We could better coordinate all our activities on various levels branching out from one central organization. It would prove much easier to get help from other people when needed from other areas when large rallies, protests, etc need to be planned.

We will never win this war until we decide to go on the offensive. I gave up being on the defensive a long time ago. If someone should actually have the nerve to call me a racist, I just laugh it off because people that know me know that couldn’t be further from the truth. As long as those that count know me, that’s all the matters. John Thomas Cripps once said that the way he handles reporters on the racist question is by asking them “Don’t you get tired of being a parrot? Can’t you come up with something original?”

I agree with Richard Uhlig that we must start taking the offensive on ALL heritage violations. Until we put on a united front, no one is going to pay any attention. It is time to start organizing and looking around you for things that go against what we believe in. When the local superintendent of education refused to follow state law and put Mississippi flags at every school, I did not stop. I showed up at the next board meeting with reinforcements. He refused to let us speak and unfortunately I did not know that we had to be put on the agenda. We made our position clear and he wouldn’t back down. Amazingly, the phone call I got from him the next day was not to let me know the date and time of the next meeting when I could speak but to let me know that he had ordered flags and they would be in the hands of the principals within the next week. I assume that he consulted with the board after we left and they decided they didn’t want to be in the spotlight for violating state law. That is just one example of the many things you can find wrong in your community and ban together to correct.

I have rattled on enough. I have not said anything that hasn’t been said many times before. If this sounds like a good idea, let me know when everyone is ready and this foot soldier will gladly join in the fight. For now, I will carry on looking for violations and doing what I can to set them straight.

Confederately yours,
Mrs. Pamela Mann